Release notes: updates to Xero on August 11, 2014

Here's a summary of what we've released:

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New Account Transactions report

The new Account Transactions report will be progressively rolled out over the next few weeks. This report now has a multi-selector that allows you to select all or some of your general ledger accounts for a chosen period. Using the save template functionality also allows you to keep the account selections for future use.

The report is stand alone, but as more new reports are released this is where they will drill to.

While there is still key functionality to come for this report, we felt the multi-selector for accounts was such a useful addition we decided to release early.

Still to come are opening and closing balances for balance sheet accounts, multi-currency, gross, taxation and tracking columns, additional groupings and filters.

Account Transactions report

New Depreciation Schedule report

Building on earlier releases of the new reporting framework, we now have a new depreciation report offering the same sort of functionality previously seen on the aged reports.

The new report shows information not previously available in Xero such as capital gains and depreciation recovered. It will print in portrait by default but if you wish to show more information you can add additional columns, and of course you can set this as your new default template if you wish.

Run the Depreciation Schedule report

Search invoices and bills by amount

You can now search by amount on invoices, bills and credit notes. The search isn't only over the invoice total, but also the paid and due amounts - making it much easier to track down any pesky part-payments.

Search by amount

Opening up Square integration to our Canadian customers

If you’re a Square customer in Canada you can now take advantage of our Square integration.

Integrate with Square

Bank feeds: Allow others to refresh Yodlee MFA feeds

You will now be able to turn on an option to allow others to refresh Yodlee bank feeds which have multi-factor authentication (MFA) capability.

This new option can be accessed when you add or edit a Yodlee bank account feed.

Remittance advice: Insert registered address and tax number

Three weeks ago we souped up remittance advices so you could apply your own branding to them. We’ve now pumped in a little more goodness: you can now include your tax number and insert your registered/postal address into the footer.

Add or edit specific theme components on your remittance advice