Add a billable expense to a bill

Add a one-off bill in Xero and assign the customer's name to the expenses that you want to recover from them.

Before you start

If you know which customer you want to assign expenses to, make sure they're set up as a contact in Xero first. You're not able to assign expenses to contacts who you haven't added.

Add a contact

Add a bill and assign expenses to customer

  1. Click the plus icon Image of the plus icon on the Xero Business dashboard and select Bill.
  2. Enter details of your bill.
  3. Click Assign expenses to a customer.

    Image of the Assign expenses to a customer link within a bill.

  4. For each item that you want to recover, enter and select the customer's name.

    Image of the Assign a customer to any billable expense box.

    Or select Decide customer later.

  5. Click OK.
  6. Save or approve the bill.