Send a bill from Xero to Xero

If you've received a contact's Xero network key and added it to their contact details, you can send them a bill from Xero to Xero. This creates a draft sales invoice in their organization. You can send bills that are awaiting payment, and don't have any transactions recorded against them (for example, payments or tax adjustments). Otherwise, you can email the bill instead.

Your user role determines if you can send a bill from Xero to Xero.
  1. Add a new bill bill and approve it, or view bill that is awaiting payment.
  2. Click Send, then click OK.

The bill displays the legal or trading name of your contact, not their display name.

Send and keep a PDF copy of the bill

You'll also want to print a PDF copy of the bill. Send a copy of the bill to send to your supplier. You can keep a copy so you both have a historical record.

Only resend a Xero to Xero bill if your contact deletes it from their Xero organization and they ask for another one.