Void an overpayment

Reverse an overpayment transaction created to record an extra amount you’ve received or paid.

You don't need to void an overpayment if you only want to change the invoice or bill it is allocated to, remove the allocation, and then apply overpayment to the correct invoice or bill.

About voiding overpayments

  • If the overpayment is allocated to an invoice or bill, or has a refund recorded on it you'll need to remove the allocation or delete the refund first.
  • If the overpayment isn’t linked to an invoice payment, and the payment isn’t reconciled in your bank account you will see a Void option in the Overpayment Options menu in the overpayment. If you don’t see a Void option on the overpayment, you can void the overpayment from the bank account.
  • Voiding an overpayment deletes the payment transaction and unreconciles the bank statement line it was matched to. Any invoice or bill payment included in the transaction will also be removed and the invoice or bill will return to the Awaiting Payment tab.

Void an overpayment

You need to delete the payment transaction in your bank account to void the overpayment. You can open the bank transaction from the overpayment.

  1. In the Accounts menu, select Sales (for an overpayment received) or Purchases (for an overpayment paid).
  2. Select the overpayment you want to void.
  3. Click the Paid into or Paid from link to go to the bank transaction.

    Image of an overpayment transaction.

  4. Click on the Options button and select Remove & Redo.
  5. Click Yes.

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