Add a client organization to your practice

As Principal, you can add new Partner Edition organizations and set them up in Xero. You can also let your practice staff do this, by giving them access to the practice's Partner Edition billing account.

Add a client organization

  1. From the header, click the list icon Image showing the list icon, then select My Xero.

  2. Click New organization.

  3. Enter the organization name and select the country. The organization's country will default to the country associated with your login when you signed up to Xero and will determine the currency displayed.

  4. Choose one of the following:

Complete setup of the new organization

Complete the setup of the client's organization. If you like you can proceed as far as the Invite Users step and invite someone else to complete it.

Setup may only take a few minutes. This'll depend on how much data you want to bring in, how readily available it is, and if you need support. We suggest you take the time to complete these steps to save coming back to fix things later, even though you can fly through setup by entering the bare minimum.

As you move on to each step, Xero saves the step you’ve just completed. If you exit the Setup Guide, the next time you log in, Xero will start you on the step you left. During setup, you can change anything you’ve entered. Nothing is committed into Xero until you finish the last step.

After setup you can change or complete any information using Settings > General Settings.

  1. Setup Guide introduction: collect these things before you start
  2. Setup Guide: Organization settings –  your organization name in Xero and on reports, and address
  3. Setup Guide: Financial settings – your organization's year end and sales tax or tax return settings
  4. Setup Guide: Invoice settings – your invoice numbering sequence, invoice branding (including your logo and design of invoices, credit notes and statements)
  5. Setup Guide: Invite users – let your accountant or bookkeeper or others log in and help with setup.
  6. Setup Guide: Currencies (for trial organizations and some Xero pricing plans) – add currencies used by your organization
  7. Setup Guide: Tax rates – add your own sales tax rates.
  8. Setup Guide: Chart of accounts:
  9. Setup Guide: Account balances:
  10. Setup Guide: Done – commit it all and start using Xero
Anyone with Practice Administrator access will be added to the organization as a user automatically. For client organizations with payroll, the person who adds the organization will have Payroll Admin access by default.

Clients on Business Edition billing accounts

If you set up clients on Business Edition pricing plans, you are responsible for the billing account.

If you prefer your clients to pay their own subscriptions, ask them to sign up to Xero (if they don't already have a Xero email login), add their organization and billing account. They can then invite you into the organization with the Advisor user role.

If you have set up clients on Business Edition billing accounts and maintained separate billing accounts for each client, you can transfer the subscription to your client.

While you can choose any country for the organization, be aware that Partner Edition plans do not have access to use multi-currency organizations. You will always be able to choose a Business plan.