Setting your conversion date

The conversion date is the date you want to start entering transactions in Xero from. You need to specify this date whether you're coming from another accounting system or not.

If you've prepared a trial balance (or other list of account balances) from your existing accounting system, these balances should be up until the end of a month. Your conversion date will be the next day, the first of a month.

Conversion date

Talk to your accountant or bookkeeper if you’re unsure about a suitable conversion date or whether you have a trial balance for your organisation. You can go back to the Invite Users step to invite your accountant or bookkeeper to log in and help you with this before you complete the Setup Guide, or they can take a look after completion and correct the date as required.

Our Getting Started Guide also has some tips for choosing a conversion date.

About your conversion date

The conversion date is usually the date you start using Xero. The only transactions you should enter in Xero dated before this date are invoices and bills that were unpaid when you converted.

Your conversion date is always the 1st of a month. January 2006 is the earliest date you can use.

If you’re coming from another accounting system, it's important the conversion date follows from when you balanced all your accounts in your previous system. If you’re entering balances from your trial balance, make sure you’ve run this report to the day before you want to start using Xero.

Set or change your conversion date

  1. Select the month and year you'd like to start entering transactions from.
  2. Click Save.

You'll need to review and confirm your conversion balances next.