Troubleshooting your Yodlee feed refresh

If you're having trouble with your Yodlee feed refresh, try these troubleshooting topics.

What can I do if the feed refresh didn't work?

Check the Xero Bank Feed Status blog

If there's a technical problem with your bank or with Yodlee, this could affect your feed refresh. If we know about a problem with a Yodlee feed, we'll list it on the Xero Bank Feed Status blog.

Check if your online banking is offline

Try logging in to your bank or financial institution's online banking. If the site is offline, your refresh won't work.

Try refreshing your feed again

Try refreshing your feed again, allowing 20 minutes between attempts. If the cause is a temporary connection error, it may have cleared or view a list of error codes.

If the error doesn't clear after 48 hours and you're able to log in to your online banking, please get in touch with Xero Support. Make sure you include your organisation name, bank name and the last 4 digits of the account.

Why are there transactions missing after refreshing the feed?

Refreshing your feed will only import transactions cleared by the bank. Yodlee will not import pending transactions.

Once the bank clears the transactions, Yodlee will import upto 90 days worth of transactions into Xero. This could delay the import of your transactions depending on your bank's processes.

The new statement data in your feed contains the following:

  • Cleared and processed transactions, that haven't been reversed.
  • Transactions that are likely to have happened yesterday or earlier.
  • Transactions that have statement line details such as payee, reference and transaction type.

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