Refresh a Yodlee feed

If your bank, financial institution or account has multi-factor authentication, you'll need to refresh a Yodlee feed to get the latest transactions into Xero. It’s best to refresh the feed at least every 30 days, but you can refresh your feed any time you want to bring in the most recent transactions into Xero. If your bank or financial institution doesn't have multi-factor authentication, your feed refreshes automatically each night.

Before refreshing a feed

Refresh a Yodlee feed

  1. In the Accounts menu, select Bank Accounts.
  2. Find the account you want to refresh the bank feed for.
  3. Click Manage Account, then click Refresh Bank Feed.

    Image showing the Manage Account menu and the Refresh Bank Feed option.

Make sure you stay on the same screen while refreshing the feed. Changing screens may interrupt the connection with the bank and your refresh may fail.

If you have multiple feeds from the same bank, you'll only need to click Refresh Bank Feed on one account to refresh all of your feeds.

Who can refresh a feed?

You can refresh a feed in the following situations:

  • You set up the feed
  • The bank or financial institution the feed is from doesn't offer multi-factor authentication
  • The bank or financial institution the feed is from offers multi-factor authentication, and other users have been given permission to refresh the feed in Xero

    What is multi-factor authentication?

    Multi-factor authentication is additional verification, on top of login details, required before someone can access a secure website.

    Additional verification may be a security question, a security image, or a security token.