Troubleshoot Yodlee alert: There is a problem with this bank feed

Learn how to fix the Yodlee feed error, 'There is a problem with this bank feed', displayed on the Dashboard or Bank Account screens.

Image showing the Dashboard with the Problems with bank feed alert.

Common reasons the error occurs

  • There is a problem with your login details.
  • There is a problem with Yodlee trying to get data from your bank, for example, your online banking site might be down.
  • You did not answer a multi-factor authentication question correctly, or you did not supply the correct answer in time.

    What is multi-factor authentication?

    Multi-factor authentication is additional verification, on top of login details, required before someone can access a secure website.

    Additional verification may be a security question, a security image, or a security token.

Ways to fix the error

Click Details for more information.

You may need to do one of the following: