Update Yodlee feed login details to match online banking

Each time you change your online banking login details, you'll need to update the Yodlee feed login details in Xero so they match. Login details must match so Yodlee can continue to access your account to import transactions as statement lines into Xero.

You may also need to update your Yodlee feed login details if you receive a temporary connection error while setting up a feed.

You can update the feed login details in these situations

  • If you set up the feed.
  • If you didn't set up the feed you can change the feed login. But, you'll need to stop the feed first, then set it up again.

    Stop a Yodlee feed

Access your account in Xero and update your Yodlee feed login details

  1. Go to Accounts, then click Bank Accounts.
  2. Find the account you want to update the login details for.

    Click Manage Account, then click Update Feed Login.

    Image showing the Manage Account menu and the Refresh Bank Feed option.

  3. Update your login details, read and agree to the Automatic Bank Feeds Terms and Conditions, and click Update.

    Automatic Bank Feeds Terms & Conditions

    Image showing Feed login screen to change your internet banking credentials.

You'll receive a new notification once your Yodlee feed login details are updated.

Check imported transactions after Yodlee feed up and running again

After you've updated the Yodlee feed login details and your feed has started again, Yodlee brings in transactions for the period your login details were incorrect. Check all transactions from online banking have imported as statement lines in Xero, especially if your details were incorrect for some time. If statement lines are missing, import a bank statement.

Check imported statement lines

Import a bank statement