Add a payment in Xero for iOS

Add a full or part payment to an invoice in Xero for iOS. You'll need the Adviser, Standard, or Invoice Only user role to add a payment.

  1. On the Dashboard, tap Sales.
  2. Tap the status of the invoice you're looking for, or tap All invoices to see the full list.
  3. Tap Add payment.
  4. Select payment date.
  5. Tap Paid into which account? and select the account that received the payment.
  6. If you need to record a part payment, tap on the amount number to enter the amount paid.
  7. (Optional) If you need to include a reference, tap Optional details, then tap Add reference.
  8. Tap Save.

If you need to create an overpayment or select an account with a currency that is different to the invoice currency, you'll need to log in to Xero using your web browser.