Use search shortcuts to navigate in Xero

Use shortcuts in search to go directly to commonly viewed screens or add new items in Xero.

Image showing keyboard shortcuts.

Screens you can access using shortcuts

  • Dashboard
  • 'All' screens for contacts, reports, invoices, bills, quotes, purchase orders, and bank accounts
  • 'Add new' screens for contacts, invoices, bills, quotes, and purchase orders

Using shortcuts to navigate in Xero

  1. Click the search icon Image of search icon. or enter a forward slash (/) on any screen in Xero (except Fixed Assets and payroll).
  2. Enter the letter corresponding to the screen you want to access.

    Shortcut key'All' screens and dashboard'Add new' screens
    aAll bank accounts-
    bAll billsAdd new bill
    cAll contactsAdd new contact
    iAll invoicesAdd new invoice
    pAll purchase ordersAdd new purchase order
    qAll quotesAdd new quote
    rAll reports-
  3. Select the screen name that appears below the search bar. To go to the 'Add new' page, click Add new.

    Image of Add new link below search bar