Staff in Xero HQ

Learn more about staff in Xero HQ. Invite staff into your practice, and drill into the details of a staff member.

The staff list

From the Staff list you can set up and manage your practice staff.

Image showing a single line from the staff list in Xero HQ

Each entry in the list shows you an overview of the staff member, including their:

If the staff member has enabled two-step authentication, you'll see the shield icon Two-step authentication shield icon next to their user role.

Click the menu icon Xero HQ menu icon to update the staff member's user role and extra permissions, or remove them from your practice.

Hover over a certification to see the expiry details. A certification coloured yellow will expire within a month, while a red certifcation has already expired.

You can use groups to reduce the number of staff members in the list, and you can also search for a staff member by name.

Staff details

Click a staff member's name in the staff list to see the clients the staff member has access to, and manage their client list.

Image showing an example of staff details in Xero HQ

The panel on the right side of the screen shows more details about the staff member, including their:

Click Edit to update their user role and permissions, or remove them from your practice.

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