Set up the practice details for your Xero Advisor Directory listing

Enter the basic information about your practice that you want to appear in your Xero Advisor Directory listing, including your logo, the name and description of your practice, and how many staff you have. You can also add other information about your practice, such as a link to your website, your social media profiles and the associations you belong to.

Learn more about optimising your Xero Advisor Directory listing ( website).

Enter your practice details

When you set up your Xero Advisor Directory listing initially, Xero HQ guides you through the process. Entering your practice details is the first step in that process. Once you've completed the initial set up, you can come back at any time and change or add details.

  1. Go to Practice and select Advisor Directory, then click Practice details.
  2. Enter or update the details for your practice.
  3. When your are ready, click Update listing, or continue the process and update your contact information or practice staff.

Practice details fields explained

At a minimum, you must enter your practice name and description.
  • Your logo - Click Upload and select or drag and drop an image to appear on your listing. Use the slider to resize the image, and then click Save. We recommend using a 100px by 100px image in PNG format with no white space around the logo.

    Hover over the image and click Replace to upload a new logo, or click the 'X' to remove it.

    Image showing a logo image in Xero HQ highlighting the remove button

    The logo you upload for your Advisor Directory listing won't be used on your invoices or your reports.
  • Your practice name - Enter the practice name you want to appear on your listing. You can use a name other than the name of your practice in Xero HQ, such as your trading name.

  • Your practice website - Enter the website for your practice. If you have more than one website, we recommend using the one that best represents your practice's services that relate to Xero.

  • Detailed description of your practice - Enter a description of your practice. This information appears in full on your listing, so be sure to include points of difference that set your practice apart.

  • Short blurb about your practice - Enter a brief summary of your practice. This information appears in the search results, so we recommend that you make it as descriptive as possible.

  • How many staff do you have? - Enter the total number of staff members in your practice. This may be more than the number of staff members listed in your practice staff. The Xero Advisor Directory lets potential clients filter search results based on practice size.

  • Associations - Select the checkbox next to the affiliations you want to feature on your listing. You can choose up to 5. Type in the field to narrow the list.

    To remove an affiliation, either click the X to the right of the affiliation, or unselect the checkbox.

    Image showing a list of affiliations in Xero HQ highlighting the remove button

  • Video about your practice - If you are a Xero Champion, you can enter a link to a video to appear on your listing ( website).

  • Videos must be hosted in either Vimeo or YouTube. There is no limit on length, but we recommend no more than 5 minutes.

    Learn how to:

  • Social media links - Enter the details for any social media accounts you want to appear on your listing.

    For Facebook and LinkedIn, enter the full URL, including the https:// prefix. For example,

    For Twitter, enter your username, including "@". For example, @xero.