Use the demo company in Xero HQ

You can use a demo company to show clients how Xero will work for them, and what you'll be able to do together using Xero. You have access to demo companies for both Business Edition and Partner Edition.

Show your clients Xero in action

Access the demo company on the Overview tab under Practice.

Click Try the Demo Company to open the demo.

The Business Edition demo uses the Adviser user role. You can use it to showcase the full feature set of Xero to staff or clients.

Use the Partner Edition demo to show a client what it will be like for them when they are set up with the Managed Client user role.

Change country or edition

  1. Click change country or edition.

    Image highlighting the change country or edition link.

  2. Select another Country from the list.

  3. (Optional) Select a different Edition from list.

    Image of the Change Country or Edition for Demo Company screen.

  4. The Partner Edition demo company is only available in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom.
  5. Click Save.

Reset the demo company data

The data in the demo companies is fictional. You can enter as much test data as you like. Your demo company will automatically reset every 28 days, or you can reset it yourself.

To reset your demo company yourself, click Reset Demo Company.

Image highlighting the Reset Demo Company link