Connected apps in Xero HQ

Manage the apps connected to Xero HQ. View current apps, disconnect unneeded apps, or find new ones in the app marketplace.

You must have the Administrator or Master administator user role to view and disconnect connected apps in Xero HQ.

See your connected apps

To see the apps connected to Xero HQ, go to Practice and select Connected apps.

Image showing a list of apps connected to Xero HQ

Disconnect an app

  1. Find the app you want to disconnect from Xero HQ and click Disconnect.
  2. Click Disconnect to confirm.

Connect a new app

To connect a new app to Xero HQ, click View Xero HQ apps to go to the Xero App Marketplace, then find the app and follow the app provider's instructions.

Need more help?

If you have any questions about connecting with a third-party app, get in touch the app's support team. You can find contact details for each app on the Xero App Marketplace. You'll need to search for an app, then find their support link on the app's page.