Troubleshooting clients in Xero HQ

Some common questions you might have about clients and how to resolve them.

How do I import my Xero Practice Manager clients into Xero HQ?

The first time you go to the Clients tab, Xero HQ gives you the option to connect to Xero Practice Manager and import your clients. You will need to log in to Practice Manager and authorise the right account to connect to. Xero HQ will then sync your clients.

How do I merge clients from Xero Practice Manager with my Xero HQ clients?

When you import your clients from Xero Practice Manager into Xero HQ it compares names, emails, phone numbers and addresses of clients and lists potential duplicates as Exact Matches or Near Matches. You have the one-time option to either merge the clients or keep them separate.

I see two clients that look the same. Why can’t I merge them?

If a client has a Xero organisation that you have been invited into but your practice does not hold the Xero subscription, you cannot merge it with an existing Xero HQ client.

Invited clients are listed under the Invited group.

Why don't some clients in the Invited group have a menu icon?

The menu icon Xero HQ menu icon is only found on organisations that you have been invited into with Manage Users permission. The only option on the menu is Staff access, which takes you to the Manage Access & Permissions screen for the client and add, edit or remove practice staff from the organisation.

Why don't the changes I made to my client's details in Xero HQ appear in the client's organisation details in Xero?

When you update a client's details, the changes apply to the client in Xero HQ only. The client's organisation settings in Xero remain unchanged, even if you've connected the client to Xero.