Manually merge clients

Merge two or more clients into one client record.

You cannot undo this process and split your clients again.

You must have Principal or Practice Administrator permissions to merge clients in Xero HQ.

How it works

  • When you import your clients from Practice Manager, Xero HQ identifies possible duplicate clients so you can review and merge them. Manual merging lets you merge clients that Xero HQ didn’t find or that you chose not to merge, as well as clients you or someone in your practice created.
  • When you merge clients, Xero HQ uses values from the client you choose to merge into for client details like Name that must be unique. For details like email addresses, telephone numbers and addresses, XHQ adds another if they’re different. Any details that aren’t needed by the merged client are simply ignored.
  • You won’t be able to merge clients if two or more of them are connected to Xero organisations.

Merge clients

Merging clients only affects clients in Xero HQ. Your Xero Practice Manager clients remain unchanged.
  1. Go to Clients and select two or more clients from the list.

  2. Click Merge.

  3. Select the client that you want to merge into, and then click Merge.

    Image showing the merge confirmation screen with the client to merge into selected