Connected app alerts

Learn more about alerts from apps connected to Xero HQ.

App partners

Xero's integrated practice apps provide accountants and bookkeepers the best tools to drive efficiency within their own practice, build closer relationships with clients, and build additional advisory services.

Our app partners include:

  • Boma - for self-drive marketing
  • Fathom - to efficiently create forecasting reports
  • FUTRLI - to provide future insights for a business
  • Hubdoc - for automated financial documents
  • Now Infinity to make corporate and trust compliance woes a thing of the past
  • Practice Ignition - to assist with client onboarding
  • Receipt Bank - for more efficient bookkeeping
  • Suite Files - to bring all client data and files into one place
  • Spotlight Reporting - to enable accountants and bookkeepers to see how clients are performing in a single view

Connect an app

To connect an app to Xero HQ, go to the Xero App Marketplace, then find the app and follow the app provider's instructions. Once you've connected the app, you'll see alerts from it in your activity feed. Each app generates an alert that's specific for the app, with an action that lets you easily respond to the alert.

Need more help?

If you have any questions about the alerts from a third-party app, get in touch the app's support team. You can find contact details for each app on the Xero App Marketplace. You'll need to search for an app, then find their support link on the app's page.