Connect Vend to your Xero organisation

To connect your organisation with Vend, first update your Xero settings, then log in to Vend and connect your account.

Before you start

Update these settings in Xero before connecting your organisation with Vend:

  1. Set up your tax rates to match your Vend tax rates. Don't select compound as this isn't compatible with Vend.
  2. Add a refund account to your chart of accounts. Select current asset as the account type and enable payments to the account.
  3. Make sure payments are enabled for your sales, purchases and payment accounts.
  4. Add a default due date for your sales invoices.
If you've set up default payment terms, discounts, or tax rates for contacts in Xero, these settings won't be applied to the invoices imported from Vend.

Connect Vend to Xero

  1. Log in to Vend, select Setup, then click Add-ons.
  2. Find Xero, then click Add to Vend.
  3. Click Enable Xero.
  4. Log in to Xero, select the Xero organisation you'd like to connect, then click Allow access.
  5. Follow Vend's instructions to complete the setup in Vend.

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