Vend + Xero

Connect Vend with Xero to get your daily sales data automatically imported into your Xero organisation.

How it works

  • Each day your daily sales totals, payment totals, cash payments, petty cash withdrawals and opening and closing float balances will be imported into Xero.
  • Xero creates an invoice each time you record an account sale with Vend.
  • Supplier inventory orders from Vend are imported into Xero as bills.
  • You can import your Xero contacts into Vend so each time you update customer information in Vend it will automatically sync with Xero.
  • You can't sync your inventory in Vend with Xero tracked inventory.

Need more help?

Get in touch with Vend Support if you have any questions about the data that's sent to Xero or you need help setting up the connection.

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