Troubleshoot VAT Return error messages

If you get an error message when you file your VAT return with HMRC, try these troubleshooting suggestions to fix it. If the error persists, contact Xero Support.

Error 1046 - Authentication Failure. The supplied user credentials failed validation for the requested service.

The Gateway ID, password or VAT number submitted was incorrect.

This error can occur if your HMRC Online Services password is too long. HMRC passwords must:

  • Be between 8 and 12 characters
  • Contain at least one number
  • Contain at least one letter
  • Not use special characters
  • Not contain the word 'password'.

Log into your HMRC Online Account and add a password that follows the HMRC guidelines.

In Xero, select File Again and enter the correct details.

Error 8506 - A return has already been received for this period.

Check your filed returns, or discuss with your accountant or bookkeeper.

Error 8507 - The VAT period you have entered for the VRN was not found.

You must enter a VAT period which is open, that is, a VAT return is due. Resubmit with the correct VAT period, or discuss with your accountant or bookkeeper.

Error 8508 - The VRN specified was not found.

Check you have the correct VAT number and resubmit the return, or discuss with your accountant or bookkeeper.

Need more help?

If these suggestions haven't helped, get in touch with Xero Support. The more detail you can provide, the faster we can help.

  1. Click Contact Xero Support at the end of this page.
  2. Select I think something is broken.
  3. Enter a subject line.
  4. In the body field, enter the following:
    • Your Xero organisation name.
    • Describe what you were trying to do when you saw the error message.
    • Let us know if you have tried the suggestions outlined above.
  5. Enter the email address that you use to log in to Xero.
  6. Click Send Support Request.

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