Keep track of your login history

Use the login history link on the Dashboard to check when you logged in to Xero.

View your login history

Go to the Dashboard, then click the link showing when you last logged in to check your login history.

Image of the login history link on the Dashboard.

Why is my login showing the wrong location?

Sometimes the location reported might be incorrect. Your location is based on your IP address, so you might see activity from locations that are close to your actual location.

To find your public IP address, search "What is my IP address" using Google.

Once you've found your public IP address, enter the IP address into the MaxMind website (MaxMind website) to find the location of your IP address. You can also use this website to search your previous IP addresses.

If the time shown in your login history is correct but the location isn't, your network or browser setup may be the cause. Check if you, or your workplace, is using any of these network or browser services:

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Proxy server
  • Cloud proxy service
  • Domain masking (DNS masking)

If you use any of these services, your login history shows the IP address and location where your connection originates, not the country that you are logging in from.

How can I check my login history if I use any of these network or browser services?

If you're using a VPN or proxy service, you'll need to record the IP address you usually have when using this service (or you could have a range of IP addresses).

Enter the IP address into the MaxMind website (MaxMind website), and make a note of the detected location.

In your login history in Xero, check the IP address and location matches the details you've recorded. If these details do not match, contact Xero Support.

If you use browser extensions to access geo-blocked sites, you won't have a stable IP address. You should disable these extensions before logging into Xero.

Why is there no location showing in my login history?

We can't always detect IP address locations. If location is missing, you'll need to check your login history by looking at the time and IP address only.

What steps can I take if I think there's been suspicious activity?

  1. Update your anti-malware software and run a full scan of your computer.
  2. Change your Xero password after the full scan of your computer has finished, and you've confirmed there's no malware on your computer.
  3. Set up two-step authentication on your Xero account.
  4. If you need to get in touch with our team:
    1. On the Dashboard, click the link for your last login.
    2. Click Contact Support.

      Image showing contact support link.