Track new transactions

Add tracking category options to a new transaction so your reports are sorted by the different areas of your business.

Before you start

Make sure you've set up tracking categories and category options in Xero.

Track a new transaction

You can track new invoices, bills, quotes, purchase orders, fixed assets, spend money and receive money transactions as you enter them. This will help you get better insight into your business' performance.

Since there are different types of transactions you can track, let's add a tracking category option to a new invoice transaction so you can see how it works. In this example, you've already set up a tracking category (Division) and tracking options (Corporate and Retail). We'll be adding a tracking category option to a new Invoice in the retail division.

  1. Go to Accounts, then click Sales.
  2. Click + New, then click Invoice.
  3. Fill out the invoice.
  4. Select the category option for the transaction from the tracking category.

    Image showing input fields on transaction for tracking.

  5. Click Approve.
You can add a new tracking option by clicking +Add new tracking option, which is then available for all future transactions.

Once you're finished adding tracking to your transactions, you can run reports to get a detailed view of how your business is performing. In this example, how your retail division is performing.

Review reports by tracking category