Change numbering on invoices, credit notes, quotes and purchase orders

Change the automatic numbering sequence Xero applies to your organisation's invoices, credit notes, quotes and purchase orders.

How it works

  • Xero's numbering sequence has a fixed prefix: INV- for invoices, CN- for credit notes, QU- for quotes, PO- for purchase orders and an increasing number portion starting at 0001.
  • Invoices and credit notes use the same sequence. The prefix swaps between INV- and CN- depending whether it's an invoice or credit note, eg INV-0002, CN-0003, INV-0004...
  • Purchase orders and quotes have their own separate numbering sequences.
  • If you change the prefix:
  • Xero applies it to the next invoice, credit note, quote or purchase order, regardless of branding theme.
  • Use your own mix of letters or numbers (up to 10 characters), for example OIT, 2007-155, Invoice-.
  • Leave it blank to have no prefix.
  • If you change the number:
  • You can reuse numbers used on deleted invoices, credit notes, quotes and purchase orders.
  • Change it to a completely different one from the sequence.
  • Enter something after the number Eg. INV-0001A, and Xero treats it as its own unique invoice number. Therefore INV-0001 will still be the next number in the sequence as it hasn't been used yet.
  • Start with any number or pad it out by adding 0s in front of it (up to 10 characters).
You can't reuse numbers used on voided invoices, credit notes, quotes and purchase orders. You can't change both the prefix and number to one you've already used.

Change the default numbering

  1. In the Settings menu, select General Settings.
  2. Under Features, select Invoice Settings.
  3. Click Default Settings.

    Automatic Sequencing displays the next number in the sequence, taking into account any invoices, credit notes, quotes or purchase orders generated (purchase orders and quotes have separate sequences to invoices and credit notes).

  4. Use the Invoice Prefix, Credit Note Prefix, Purchase Order Prefix, or Quote Prefix fields to change the prefix.

    You can change the quote or purchase order prefix individually, but you must change the invoice and credit note prefix at the same time or the automatic number sequencing may not work.

  5. Use the Next Number field to change the number that will appear on your next invoice, credit note, purchase order, or quote.

    Image showing Automatic sequencing options.

  6. Click Save.

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