Income by Contact Report

The Income by Contact report shows the people and businesses that you have recorded income transactions for or received other funds from in a chosen period. The report shows receive money transactions and approved sales invoices. The Income by Contact report is the older version of the Contact Transactions – Receivables and Contact Transactions – Cash reports.

Access the Income by Contact report from All Reports on the Reports menu, under Sales.

Income by contact main

What can you see and do with the Income by Contact report?

Generate report

The Income by Contact report is generated for the current month showing a monthly breakdown compared to the last three months by default.

Enter or edit

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If you are viewing a report produced by someone with the Adviser user role, you may see notes or a summary on the report. You may be able to export, archive or edit the report, depending on your user role.
Reports and budget role comparison

Choose options by which to re-run the report:

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The month you want to run the report for.


Choose from 1, 2, 3, 6 or 12 months as the time blocks for each column on the report back from the month chosen to run the report for.

Compare With

Choose how you want the periods compared based on the time block chosen. You can choose up to 11 periods back from the date of the report. For example:

If you choose the period as 'month' and the comparison as 'Previous 6 periods' the report will display the previous 6 months.

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If you choose the period as '3 months' and the comparison as 'Previous 6 periods' the report will display 6 blocks of 3-months before the date chosen to run the report for.

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When the details of the report you want to run are entered or updated, click Update to re-generate the report.

View transactions

Transaction list

  • All contacts for which you've created receive money transactions or approved sales invoices during the time period are displayed alphabetically.
  • The income for the contact in each month is shown and a total for the periods displayed is shown.
  • Income from approved sales invoices is shown in the month the invoice is dated. For example, if an invoice is dated 15 May but not approved until 2 June, it will appear in the column for May.
  • Approved invoices display whether they are paid or unpaid.


Individual transactions
  • Click the contact name to view all income transactions to date for this business or person.

    Select Contact to view breakdown.

    Transactions report for Contact.

  • Click an amount to view the individual transactions that make up this amount.

    Select month amount.

    Report for that contact for that month.

Transactions for contacts are displayed using a Contact Transactions report which you can drill further into to view the source invoice or bank transaction.

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Export options

If you have the Adviser user role you will also be able to Save as Draft, or Publish this report and change the default PDF preferences. If you're using Partner Edition your practice logo will display if your Principal has set it up.


Print the report directly from your browser.


Choose where you want to export the report to. You can either view it or save it once it's exported into the chosen format.


Open the report directly into Excel or save it to your computer and open it from there.



Open the report directly as a PDF or save it to your computer and open it from there. Zero figures will show on the PDF as '-' and do not show decimal places so numbers are rounded for display purposes only. In many cases PDF amounts may not add up correctly due to rounding, but in Xero and other exported formats the calculations are correct.

Income by Contact PDF

Google Sheets

If you use Gmail, you can set up your account to access Google Sheets (Google's document viewer). You can then export the report to Google Sheets and edit, save or share it. You're prompted to log into Gmail (if you're not already) and you're prompted to confirm that Xero is a 'trusted' site each time you start a Google Sheets session.

The related General Ledger Summary will display on the first tab, and the General Ledger Exceptions on the second tab.


When you authenticate your connection to Google Drive and export to Google Sheets, a connection is made to your Xero account. You can break the connection at any time.

Disconnect Xero from Google Sheets

Google Help (Google website)