Export general ledger data out of Xero

If you have the Adviser user role, export a client's Xero general ledger data to import into other accounting products. Depending on the product you choose, the export might include other files like the chart of accounts or trial balance.

Before you start

If you're exporting for a product other than Xero, make sure:

  • All bank accounts in your chart of accounts have codes.
  • For MYOB Accountants Office, all accounts in your chart of accounts have numeric codes.

Export data for other products in these formats

Export your general ledger data

  1. In the Adviser menu, select Export.
  2. If you're prompted, add a code to accounts in your chart of accounts.

    If you don’t add a code, importing into another accounting product may not work.

  3. Select the product or tax authority you want to import into.

    Image of the Adviser > Export screen and product list.

  4. Select the date range of the data to export.
  5. Click Download.

    Image showing the Export GL transactions screen and the date fields.

  6. Open or save the file.