Expense Claim Summary

The Expense Claim Summary report shows a summary of a whole expense claim including accounts, receipt details and notes. Anyone who submits an expense claim can view this report for their own submitted claim. If you have the Standard + All Reports or Adviser user role, you can view the report for submitted claims of other users.

Access the Expense Claim Summary report

The Expense Claim Summary report is generated for any individual expense claim at the time you submit it, or any claim that is approved or paid.

Click on the 'View Expense Claim Summary Report' link on the claim, in this case on the Awaiting Approval tab.

You may not be able to see expense claims of every status. Which expense claim tabs you can view will depend on your user role.

View receipts

The Expense Claim Summary report shows all components of the expense claim. These are:

  • submitted or approved receipts on the claim, and receipt date
  • accounts used on any of the receipts in the claim and the amount assigned to each (including VAT)
  • any notes submitted or added to the claim. Notes submitted with each receipt are shown with that receipt.

The total shown for the expense claim is less any declined receipts.

This report draws its data from the expense claim, not from the chart of accounts. Unless the claim has been authorised, these amounts will not display in your chart of accounts or other reports that draw data from the chart of accounts.

Select individual receipt line item

Click on a line item on the Expense Claim Summary to view the individual receipt submitted.

View receipt detail from Expense Claim Summary line item.