EC Sales Audit report

The EC Sales Audit report shows the individual transactions making up the total goods and services sales for each customer on the EC Sales List report. Xero creates the EC Sales Audit report at the same time as the EC Sales List report - you can't run it separately.

Adjust for manual journals

If your adviser has posted a manual journal affecting zero-rated EC Sales VAT, it's listed in the audit report's Manual Journals section. You'll need to edit the export submission file and add the customer's country and VAT number before submitting the file to HMRC. You might want to talk to your adviser before making an adjustment.

Image showing manual journals on EC Sales Audit report.

View and edit transactions on the report

You might want to talk to your adviser before editing the tax rate on a transaction as it may affect your VAT return.

To view and edit a transaction on the EC Sales Audit report:

  1. Click anywhere on a line in the report to view the transaction details.
  2. If the invoice or credit note is draft, awaiting approval or awaiting payment, click Invoice Options or Credit Note Options, select Edit, then edit the Tax Rate field.
  3. If the invoice or credit note is paid, delete the payment transaction, edit the Tax Rate field, then apply the payment again.
  4. Rerun the EC Sales List report and check the EC Sales Audit Report tab that the transaction is correct.

Export the report

At any time and depending on your user role, you can export the report to Microsoft Excel, PDF or Google Sheets.

Both EC Sales reports (the EC Sales List and EC Sales Audit) are saved as separate tabs in the exported file.