Depreciation Schedule Report (older version)

Access the older version of the Depreciation Schedule. You'll need to use this older version of the report if you want to run estimated depreciation.

The Depreciation Schedule shows actual or estimated depreciation against registered assets in the asset register.

Users with the Adviser, Standard or Read Only role, can run the Depreciation Schedule report. This report is also available as part of the management reports which you can access if you have the Adviser user role.

Run the report

To run the older version of the Depreciation Schedule:

  1. In the Reports menu, select All Reports.
  2. Under Fixed Assets, select Depreciation Schedule.

The report will run for a year up until the date selected. You can select any date from your fixed asset start date.

Filter by other options

If you have set up tracking categories you will be able to filter the report results. Click the More options link to unravel the tracking filters.

View depreciation on current assets

The report will display depreciation on registered assets in your asset register for the period selected.

  • Assets are shown by the asset name and grouped by the fixed asset chart of account code they have been allocated to.
  • The method of depreciation will display as either DV (Diminishing Value) or SL (Straight Line).
  • The first month shows the opening book value as at the start of the financial year.
  • The Purchases column shows the purchase price of the asset. If this was purchased prior to the report period this figure will be zero.
  • The final column in the report shows the closing book value as at the report date
  • If you filter the report, this will only show depreciation tracked to the relevant option.

View individual asset details

To view details for a specific asset, click on the asset name or number.