Bank Summary Report

The Bank Summary report shows money coming in and going out of your bank accounts in Xero for a specified time period.

Your user role determines if you can see this report, and if so, whether you can save and publish it or just view it.

Run the Bank Summary report

  1. In the Reports menu, select All Reports.
  2. Under Accounting, click Bank Summary.
  3. In From, select the start date.
  4. In To, select the end date.
  5. (Optional) If you have set up tracking categories for this organisation, click More options to filter the report based on your tracking options.
  6. Click Update.

View report details


Tracking category options

  • You can choose to view the report with no filter (ie the default report) or by an option for each tracking category.
  • Only transactions in the period of the report that match the tracking option(s) chosen will be included in totals.
  • If there are no transactions for the period or date range for the tracking option(s) you have chosen, the report will be empty.


Cash in and out of the bank accounts you have in Xero will display for the chosen period.

Only amounts that have passed through the bank account set up in Xero will be included in these totals. Spend and receive money transactions and transfers will show up right away, but invoice payments will not until they are marked on the invoice as paid or are reconciled.

View reports for each bank account

Click on the bank account name to view all transactions for that account.

Choose account

Bank account

View account transactions reports

Click on an amount to view the transactions that make up this amount.

Select amount

Transaction details

The transactions displayed will be those that occur in the chosen bank account during the date range specified. Transactions are displayed using the Account Transactions Report.

View multi-currency details

If you're using multi-currency, the report footnotes show the figures that were converted into your base currency for the purpose of reporting in one currency and at what rate the conversion rate occurred. They also show where the rate was taken from (whether it was an XE rate or a rate entered by a user).

If there has been a foreign currency gain or loss in a foreign currency bank account, you'll see an extra column showing this.