Expense Claims Report

The Expense Claims report is generated only as a result of drilling down from the Aged Payables report to see a list of unpaid expense claims in the context of that report. You cannot generate this report directly from Report Centre. Only some users can access this report.

Expense Claims report.

How to generate the report

The Expense Claims report is generated for a chosen month or a chosen person in your organisation depending on where in the Aged Payables report you are drilling down from.

Choose options by which to re-run the report:

Aged Payables Expense Claims report options.

  • From – The date you want the report to start from.
  • To – The date you want to run the report until.
  • Show by – Choose either Reporting date or Due date to retrieve unpaid expense claims based on the ‘Reporting Date’ (Reporting date) or ‘Payment Due Date’ (Due date) that was entered when the claim was authorised.
  • Update – When the details of the report you want to run are entered or updated, click Update to re-generate the report.
  • As at – Show payments as at a chosen date.
If you are viewing a report produced by someone with the Adviser user role, you may see notes or a summary on the report. You may be able to export, archive or edit the report, depending on your user role.

View transactions

Expense Claims transaction list showing date submitted.

  • If you are drilling down into an expense claim amount for a particular month, the report will display all unpaid expense claims for the selected person for that month. Claims will display in the chosen month based on the date they were authorised or the expected payment date (depending on the ‘Show by’ option chosen).
  • If you are drilling down into a person that you owe money to, the report will display all unpaid expense claims for that person.
Only authorised expense claims are recorded in your chart of accounts and this is where the report draws its data from. Expense claims that have not been authorised will not be included in this report.

Select individual transaction

Click on description to view that transaction.

Click on an expense claim description to view receipts submitted as an Expense Claim summary report for each claim.

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