Account Group Summary Report

The Account Group Summary report is generated as a result of drilling down from older versions of reports customised to group accounts and show a summary. The Account Group Summary report shows the individual accounts and amounts that make up a group used on a customised report.

If you haven't customised any reports nor used summarised groups on a customised report, you won't be able to drill into this Account Group Summary report.

Account Group Summary

Generate the Account Group Summary report

  1. Run the older version of the Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss or Tracking Summary report.
  2. Customise or select a customised layout, with a summarised group.
  3. Click into the balance of a group.
  4. Set the date range by entering From and To dates.
  5. Click More options, if needed, to select a Sort by option, or to Filter by tracking.
  6. To only view cash transactions, tick Cash Basis.
  7. Click Update to view the report.

More fields

View transactions

Your report might look different each time depending on whether you have filtered the report, sorted it differently or changed the periods or dates.

If you are using multi-currency, the report footnotes show the figures that were converted into your base currency for the purpose of reporting in one currency and at what rate the conversion rate occurred. They also show where the rate was taken from (ie whether it was an XE rate or a rate entered by a user).

About transactions

All transactions and accounts that make up the group summary total that you came from will be listed.

View transactions

  • Account codes only display if you have chosen to sort the report by account code.
  • If you choose to filter the report by one option, the report will only show transactions tracked to this option for the period of the report.
  • If you choose to filter the report by all options in the tracking category the report will display one column per option.
  • If there are no transactions for the period or date range for the tracking option you have chosen, the option will not display on the report.
Regardless of the date of a transaction, its amount will only be recorded against an account in your chart of accounts once it has been approved. Bank transactions will display immediately.

What you can select on the Account Group Summary report

Individual transactions

  • Click on the account name to view the Account Summary Report showing all transactions in that account regardless of the report date.
  • Click on an amount to view the transactions that make up that amount. Transactions are displayed using the Account Transactions Report.
If you have the Adviser user role you will also be able to Save as Draft, or Publish this report and change the default PDF preferences. If you’re using Partner Edition your practice logo will display if your Principal has set it up.

Back to [name of report]

Depending on which report you have drilled down from, a link will display to take you back – most likely the Profit and Loss Balance Sheet or Tracking Summary report.