Add a practice report field for use in report templates

Create reusable snippets of information about your practice to speed up report template creation.

  1. Select the list icon Image showing List icon., then the My Xero option.
  2. Select Reports.
  3. Click Report Fields.
  4. Select the Practice Fields tab.
  5. Click New Practice Field.
  6. Name the report field, then add the content and format as required.

    To insert a table, click the Table icon Image showing table icon. and select the dimensions you need. For formatting options, click inside the table. The Table Options menu will display.

    Image showing New Practice Field window with Table Options menu selected.

  7. Click Save.

Next steps

To add the field to a report template, open the report template from the Reports tab in My Xero, then:

  1. Add a text block or open an existing one to add it to.
  2. Add the report field to the text block.