Create an estimate using quotes

To send an estimate to a customer in Xero, create a docx invoice branding theme to apply to a new or draft quote. If the customer accepts the estimate, change it back into a quote to send for approval. You can then create an invoice directly from the approved quote.

Create and apply an estimate branding theme

  1. Create a new DOCX branding theme and name it Estimate.
  2. Change the headings from Quote title and Draft Quote to ESTIMATE.
  3. Edit your theme and change Quote Number to Estimate Reference.

Once you've created and saved your new theme, apply it to a quote whenever you want it to display as an estimate to the customer. You can select the theme while your quote is in draft, or by revising an approved quote. The template will apply when you print or send your estimate.

Add a branding theme

Change an estimate to a quote

If your customer requests an official quote or accepts the job from the estimate, change the estimate back into a quote by revising the quote and selecting the Standard branding theme.

After the customer approves the quote, you can create an invoice from the quote.

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