Create a quote

Create a quote to let your customers know your terms for doing business with them. You can attach files and send them to your customers, and code items to different accounts. Then depending on your user role, send the quote straight away (they don't need to be approved).

What you can do

Depending on your user role, you can:

  • Add quotes using the plus icon Image of the plus icon. from the Sales screen, or when you're in your contact's details.
  • If you’re using multi-currency, add quotes in other currencies.

Create a customer quote

  1. Click the plus icon Image of the plus icon. and select Quote.
  2. Enter the name of the customer you're sending the quote to.
  3. Enter the remaining quote details. You must enter the Description field to send a quote.
  4. (Optional) Attach any relevant files to your quote. Remember to click the file options icon Image showing file options icon. and select Include with quote for each file you're sending to the customer.
  5. (Optional) Click Add a Title & Summary and enter any information about your quote to show above the description lines.

    Image of the 'Add a Title & Summary' link.

  6. Add the items you're quoting your customer for. You can drag and drop the item lines to reorder them.
  7. Enter your quote terms and conditions.

    Image showing quote terms.

    If you're using a standard branding theme with terms and conditions, they'll also display. If you're using a custom (DOCX) branding theme, make sure you haven’t removed the quote terms field.

  8. Either:
    • From Save, click a save option to save the quote as a draft only, or save and continue editing or add another.

    • Click Send, update the fields if you need, then click Send to email the quote to the customer.

      Image of the Send Quote email template.

Quote fields

Enter the customer name, date, description and other quote details.

Quote header fields


Enter the name of the customer you're quoting.

Xero adds the name into your contacts if they're not there already.


The date displayed on the quote. The default is today's date but you can edit it.

You can use shortcuts to enter dates in Xero. For example, type '+30' to add 30 days to the quote date.


(Optional) Enter the date you want the quote to expire. You can also set up a default expiry date.

Quote number

The quote number. You can edit the number, but it must be unique and the numbering might go out of sequence.


(Optional) You can add a reference to help you search for the quote.


If you've set up branding themes, select one to apply to your quote. You can also set a default theme for your customer.

File attachments

(Optional) You can attach any relevant files to your quote.


If you have a Business Edition plan with multi-currency, you can select a foreign currency that you've already added or click Add currency to add a new one. You can edit the exchange rate if required.

Amounts are

Select the tax setting to apply to the amounts. If the item has VAT, select:

  • Tax Exclusive to add the tax to each item amount. You can adjust the VAT manually. For example, if you're giving the customer a prompt payment discount. The difference between the two tax amounts doesn't show on the customer's quote.
  • Tax Inclusive to include the tax in each item amount. Each item shows as tax exclusive when approved. Xero automatically splits out the tax component for reporting.

Xero doesn't include the VAT that's in your quote, in your VAT return in Xero.

Item line fields

Add, edit and delete the items you're quoting for.

You can set default information for individual customers. When you create a new quote, the defaults are automatically entered into the fields. For example, the tax setting, account, and tax rate.


(Optional) Select an existing inventory item or add a new item.

Xero doesn't include your quote in any inventory reports in Xero.


Enter a description of the item you're selling, or a heading to categorise the items below it.

You can enter the item's inventory code in the description to show it on the quote. And you can include description-only lines in your quote, for example 'Carpet durability rating to be agreed 2 weeks before installation'.

If you prefer, you can add description information in the Summary field.

If you're changing an item line with an account code into a description-only line, delete the line and add a new one.

The quantity of the item you're quoting on.

Unit Price

The price of the item. This can be a positive, negative or zero amount, as long as the total quote amount isn't negative.

If you're entering an quote in a foreign currency and you've selected an inventory item, the unit price of the inventory item will be the same as the base currency amount entered in your inventory settings. Adjust the amount manually so it matches the foreign currency you've selected.

Disc %

(Optional) You can enter a percentage discount for the item. Xero applies any default sales discount for the contact when you add an item. You can edit it.

Default discounts don't show in your printed quote but you can set it to do this.


(Optional) Xero populates an account based on how you've created quotes in the past, but you can edit this suggestion. The account doesn't show on your customer's quote if you use a standard branding theme, but you can include it using a custom branding theme.

If you've set up a default sales account for your contact, Xero populates the field for you. You can also click Add account to create a new account in your chart of accounts.

You can't create a quote with CIS account codes. The accounts will need to be edited once the quote is copied to an invoice.

Tax Rate

(Optional) Tax on the transaction.

Xero doesn't include the VAT in your quote in your VAT return in Xero.


The tracking category if you want to track items. They don't show on the customer's quote.

Xero doesn't include your quote in Tracking Summary reports.

Save & approve options

Select how you want to save or approve the quote.


You can save a draft quote, continue editing, submit for approval, or add another one. Depending on your choice, the quote shows on the Draft or Awaiting Approval tabs.

Once saved, it can be emailed or printed. When all the fields are complete, it can be approved.


From, Reply To

The email address set for outgoing emails.

To or Email

If you enter a new email address, Xero saves it to the contact details.

Email Template

If you've set up email templates for quotes, select a template to apply to the quote.

Insert placeholder

Click this to show the placeholders you can add to your subject or message for this email type.


If you've selected an email template, Xero populates the message for you. You can edit the text and placeholders, or customise the template so you can reuse it.

If you want the customer to receive a link to the online quote, add the [Online Quote Link] placeholder.

Send me a copy

Select the checkbox if you want to send yourself a copy of the email.