Change contacts' addresses from caps to title case on your invoices and other documents

Edit a custom (DOCX) branding theme to change your contacts' uppercase address lines to title case in your invoices, purchase orders and other documents that use the theme. The postal code and country in uppercase shows depending on your country's postal standards.

Image showing an invoice using the DOCX template with five contact address fields added.
Read the rules and recommendations for using custom templates before you customise your DOCX template.
  1. Click Settings, then select General Settings.
  2. Under Features, click Invoice Settings.
  3. Find the theme you want to change and click Download.
  4. Use Microsoft Word (or equivalent) to open the template you want to change from the ZIP file.
  5. Right-click «ContactPostalAddress», then select Toggle Field Codes.

    Image showing the ContactPostalAddress field selected and the Toggle Field Codes option.

  6. Delete { MERGEFIELD ContactPostalAddress \* MERGEFORMAT }.

    Image showing the ContactPostalAddress selected.

  7. Insert the first field:
    • Click Insert, then insert a field from Quick Parts.
    • From Field names, select MergeField.
    • Enter ContactPostalAddressLines into the field name. You could also include the label Account Number above your inserted field.

      Image showing the Field window with the ContactPostalAddressLines field  added.

  8. Insert the remaining four fields:
    • ContactPostalCity
    • ContactPostalPostCode
    • ContactPostalRegion
    • ContactPostalCountry

      Image showing the five contact address fields added to the DOCX template.

  9. Save the file to your computer.
  10. In Xero on the Invoice Settings screen, click Upload to upload your edited file and update the custom template.