Include contacts' postal and physical addresses on invoices or other documents

Edit a custom (DOCX) branding theme to display your contacts' physical addresses on sales invoices, credit notes, quotes, statements and purchase orders.

Image showing an example of a sales invoice using a DOCX theme.

Download a custom invoice template with the physical address added

Download our custom (DOCX) invoice template with the item codes removed. Adding addresses this way may suit you if you haven't yet customised your invoice template.

Read the rules for using custom (DOCX) templates for invoice branding before you customise your DOCX template.

Custom invoice template with physical address (Word, 24KB)

Add physical address to custom templates you've already customised

Xero uses physical address and street address interchangeably. Both labels refer to the same address type.

  1. Click Settings, then select General Settings.
  2. Under Features, click Invoice Settings.
  3. Find the theme you want to change and click Download.
  4. Use Microsoft Word (or equivalent) to open the template you want to change from the ZIP file.
  5. Turn on the view gridline feature in Word to show the table gridlines. (This is just a viewable feature. Turning on gridlines doesn't print them when you generate an invoice, credit note, quote, statement or purchase order.)

    Image showing a .docx invoice branding template opened in Word and with its table gridlines turned on.

  6. Decide where you want to place the physical address. You may need to create another table row with cells.
  7. To insert the physical address field:
    • Click Insert, then insert a field from Quick Parts.
    • From Field names, select MergeField.
    • Enter ContactPhysicalAddress into the field name.

      Image showing Field dialogue box with ContactPhysical Address field name added.

      The physical address field will display in your template (I inserted a new row into my table).

      Image showing a .docx invoice branding template with the ContactPhysicalAddress field inserted.

  8. Save the file to your computer.
  9. In Xero on the Invoice Settings screen, click Upload to upload your edited file and update the custom template.