Import PayPal transactions into Xero using our conversion tool

If you have Microsoft Excel and use multi-currency, you can use our conversion tool to import your PayPal transactions into Xero. The tool is a Microsoft Excel macro that summarises PayPal fees into a single line and sorts transactions by currency.

Download the conversion tool

  1. Download the PayPal manual import conversion tool (ZIP, 45KB).
  2. Go to your downloads folder on your computer, right click on the PayPal manual import conversion folder and extract the contents.
  3. In Microsoft Excel, open the CSV file you downloaded from PayPal, then copy the whole sheet (including the column headers).
  4. Open the conversion tool, then paste the copied sheet into the PayPalExtract tab.
  5. Click on the Instructions tab, then click Click here.
  6. PC users - the macro will automatically save the CSV file on your desktop.

    Mac users - Choose the location where you’d like the file to be saved, select Comma Separated Values(CSV) as the format, then click Save. If you're importing multiple currencies, you'll need to save the file for each currency separately.

Import your transactions into Xero

  1. In Xero, go to Accounts, then click Bank Accounts.
  2. Find the PayPal account that you want to import the PayPal transactions into. Click Manage Account.
  3. Click Import a Statement.
  4. Click Browse.

    Browse for PayPal statements

  5. Select your CSV file. Make sure you select the file with the correct currency for this account.
  6. Click Import.
  7. Assign:
    • Date to Transaction Date
    • Time to Unassigned
    • Name to Payee
    • Type to Description
    • Gross to Transaction Amount
    • Transaction ID to Reference.
    Image showing the statement import screen in Xero, where you assign PayPal fileds to Xero fields.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Click OK.