Enter self-billing invoices in Xero

Add a self-billing tax invoice in Xero when the buyer determines the value of taxable goods and services they receive.

When do I use self-billing invoices?

Use self-billing invoices if your customer buys taxable goods or services from you and creates the VAT invoice themselves.

For example, a haulier delivers items, and the recipient evaluates the condition of the items. The recipient sends a VAT invoice (and maybe, the payment) to the haulier.

Add a self-billing invoice in Xero

  1. Enter the self-billing invoice into Xero as you enter a bill. You can also import multiple self-billing invoices into Xero.
  2. Create the invoice in another program, like Microsoft Excel using the following template.

    You can't generate compliant self-billing invoices in Xero.

    Microsoft Excel icon. Open Microsoft Excel template (16KB)

  3. Save the invoice as a PDF to lock the information.

  4. Make sure the self-billing invoice meets the HMRC guidelines.

  5. Send the self-billing invoice to your client.

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