Create an invoice from one or more purchase orders

Copy an approved or billed purchase order to a new invoice to on-charge a customer for goods you've ordered. If you copy multiple purchase orders, Xero creates one draft invoice with all line items from the original orders.

  1. In the Accounts menu, select Purchases.
  2. Under Purchase orders, click the status panel of the purchase order or orders you want.

    Image of purchase order status panels.

    You can't copy from the list of all purchase orders.

  3. Click a purchase order or select the checkboxes of the ones you want.
  4. Click Options and select Copy to for one purchase order, or click Copy to for multiple orders.

    Images showing multiple purchase orders selected.

  5. Select Invoice, then click Create draft.

    Image showing the 'Copy contents' window.

  6. If the original purchase order contains an inventory item, check the unit price in the new invoice. Edit the unit price for the on-charged goods, or add an inventory item with a unit price for on-charged goods. If you're not charging a mark-up, enter the same unit price as the purchases price.

    Xero uses the sales unit price (not the purchases unit price) entered against your inventory item.

  7. Complete the invoice fields now or edit them later from your draft invoices.