Entering information when emailing purchase orders

If you're emailing purchase orders, here's some help on entering information into the message fields. Xero helps by filling in some of them for you, but you can change them to suit your organisation.

Purchase order message fields explained

Field Description
From and Reply toEmail address settings for outgoing emails.
To Email address of your recipient. If you enter a new email address, this will save to the recipient's contact details.
Email templates Click Basic to see the purchase order email templates you've added, then select the one you want to use.
Insert placeholderSelect from a list of placeholders you can add to your subject or message.
MessageChange the text and placeholders in the message for purchase orders. You can also customise your own template message so you can reuse it.
Mark as sentThis only shows if purchase orders have an approved status.
Send me a copySelect the checkbox if you want to send yourself a copy of the email.