Time off

Manage employee time off balances for statutory leave and time off by adding time off balances and accruals to Xero. This way, we'll manage time off balances when you submit requests for employees each time you run payroll. You can even have employees request time off so you can approve them, or add special time off types such as bereavement leave or parental leave.

How it works

  • Use pay items to record employees' time off from work. You'll already have default pay items you can assign to employees, but you can also add your own. Before employees can request time off, assign pay items to them, and then set up their accrual schedule or time off balance.
  • The balances shown in the Time off tab under each employee will reduce each time you approve a time off request, even if you haven't processed the time off in a pay run.
  • Employee holiday balances reset depending on how you set the Schedule of Accrual for each employee. For example, if you have set this as Beginning of the Calendar Year, balances will reset for that employee when you process a pay run including 1 Jan. If you have set it as On Anniversary Date, balances will reset when you process a pay run that includes the anniversary of the employee's start date.
  • You can choose to show time off balances to your employees in their payslips along with any balances your employees already have. These balances will only include time off from completed pay runs.

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