Approve time off as a Payroll Admin

If you have Payroll Admin access, you must approve all time off requests included in each pay run before processing the pay. That way, employees are paid correctly and their time off balances are accounted for.

Edit and approve a single time off request

  1. In the Payroll menu, select Overview.
  2. Under Time Off to Approve, click the employee’s name to open their requests.
  3. Click the request you want to approve.
  4. If the employee has more than one request, click the one you want again.
  5. Review the hours to ensure the request is correct.
  6. If required, edit the request details.
  7. Click Approve.

Approve multiple time off requests

  1. In the Payroll menu, select Time Off.
  2. Under To review, click Approve on any requests you'd like to process.

    If you want to make further changes, click the menu icon Menu icon. and select Edit or Decline.

After you approve the leave requests, you can process the pay run and pay your employees.