Claim an employment allowance

Claim an employment allowance to reduce your liability to HMRC, including your National Insurance Contributions (NICs) for being an employer.

You can claim an employment allowance for one PAYE scheme if you're eligible for this rebate. You might also be eligible if you're a business or charity, or if you employ a care or support worker. For more on employment allowance reduction and eligibility, refer to Employment Allowance ( website).

  1. In the Settings menu, click General Settings.
  2. Under Features, click Payroll Settings.
  3. Click the HMRC tab.
  4. Under Will you be claiming the Employment Allowance?, select the Yes checkbox.
  5. Click Save.

The allowance automatically calculates and reports to HMRC with your monthly EPS filing. It will also update your general ledger in Xero.