Pension contribution output files

Download and file your organisation’s pension contributions.

Download your pension filing report

If you haven’t already added your pension filing due dates as part of auto enrolment, you should do this so that you can access the pension filing reports.
  1. In the Payroll menu, select Pension Filing. Xero can take a few seconds to list the details of a pay run if it has only just been posted. Other previously posted pay runs should show immediately. You may need to refresh your browser.
  2. Click Download PDF or Download CSV next to the pay run you want to file.

Pension filing options for Download PDF and Download CSV.

Xero provides a PDF or PAPDIS CSV version of your pensions filing report. The report lists each of the employees currently enrolled in a pension scheme along with their contribution details, joining and leaving information.

File information with your pension provider

  1. Submit your pension filing report to your pension provider.

    If your pension provider accepts PAPDIS CSV files you may be able to upload your pension filing report directly into your pension provider's portal. Confirm with your pension provider to see if they accept PAPDIS CSV files.

    Alternatively, you may be able to enter information from the report directly into your pension provider's portal.

  2. Wait for confirmation from your pension provider before you mark your contributions as filed.

If your submission fails, your pension provider should supply a report showing the rejection reasons. Rejections normally happen when data is missing or when text and numbers are not in the format required by the pension provider. Correct your report and resubmit.

Mark your contributions as filed

  1. In the Payroll menu, select Pension Filing.
  2. Click Mark as Filed next to the pay run you have filed.

Xero moves the pay run to completed status.

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