Revert a pay run to draft

Revert the last posted pay run to draft so you can make changes before you pay your employees.

How it works

  • You can only revert the most recent pay run for the pay period.

  • After you revert a pay run, the transaction in Xero will be unposted (including tax amounts).

  • If you've already paid your employees or you're trying to correct older pay runs, you'll need to process an unscheduled pay run to make those adjustments.

    Adjust a processed pay run

Revert a posted pay run to draft

  1. Go to Payroll, then click Pay Runs.

  2. Click the pay run you want to revert.

    Make sure any other draft pay runs for that period are removed.

  3. Click Pay Run Options and click Revert Pay Run.

  4. Click Yes to confirm.

Make changes to the draft pay run by adjusting your employees' pay, and then process the pay run as usual. After you process the pay run, an adjusted FPS is resent to HMRC.

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