Add a holiday calendar

If your organisation offers holidays different from the ones we've provided, add a new holiday group and add the holidays your organisation offers.

Employee annual time off entitlements can include public holidays. If they do, you should not assign a holiday group to the employee. If public holidays are excluded from annual time off entitlements, you should add a holiday group to the employee.

How it works

You can pay employees for public holidays, or any other paid holidays your organisation provides with holiday groups. Assign a default holiday group to employees right away, or you add a new holiday group if your organisation uses different holidays. Holidays don't reduce employee's hours, and they'll show as a separate line on employee payslips.

Time off requests work with the holiday calendar too. If an employee requests time off during a public holiday, it's accounted for in the request. For example, if someone requests five days time off, and one of the days is a public holiday, then the time off request submits as four days instead of five.

Add a holiday group

  1. In the Settings menu, select Payroll Settings.
  2. Click the Holidays tab.
  3. Click Add Group.
  4. Name the holiday group.
  5. Choose whether to add existing holidays from another holiday group.
  6. Click Add.

Once you add a new holiday group, you can add holidays.

Add a holiday to your holiday group

  1. Click Add Holiday.
  2. Name the holiday.
  3. Select a date for the holiday.
  4. Select the holiday group.
  5. Click Add.

After you add holidays to a holiday group, assign the group to the relevant employees.

You can delete individual holidays from within the holiday group list.