View voided or deleted invoices or bills

You can view and copy invoices or bills that have been voided or deleted. Voided or deleted invoices or bills look and behave the same, and you can't edit them.

To find an invoice or bill that's been deleted or voided:

  1. From the main header, select Accounts, then either Sales or Purchases.
  2. In the All tab, click Search.
  3. (Optional) Enter your search criteria.
  4. Check the box Include Deleted & Voided.
  5. Click Search.

If you have Payroll Admin access for Pay Run, see our help on deleting and voiding pay runs. You can't void pay run bills directly the way you can normal bills, but you can void the pay run they occur within.

Voided invoice

What can you do with voided or deleted invoices or bills?


Voided and deleted invoices or bills are found on the All tab.

Deleted Deleted invoice or bill

Voided Voided invoice or bill

Image showing paperclip icon to indicate there is a file attached to an invoice or expense claim..File attachment

Voided or deleted invoices or bills are 'read only' and can't be edited.

Depending on your user role, you may only be able view invoices or bills that you created originally and not perform any of these actions described below.
User roles in Xero Business Edition

  • Invoices or bills that were awaiting payment (without payments or credit notes attached) can be voided.
  • Invoices or bills that were draft or awaiting approval can be deleted.
  • You can click on the Contact name to view their full details or use the 'Edit' link to update their address - these changes will be applied to the Contact where they have been or will be used again.
  • If you delete or void an invoice or bill you've received from Xero to Xero, you will have to enter another, or request another be sent to you.
  • If you have deleted or voided a bill that has a file attachment, the attachment will remain on it. You can view the file attachment but you can't delete it.
Edit repeating schedule

Modify repeating schedule

If the invoice or bill was one in a series generated from a repeating schedule, you can modify these settings to make changes for any future invoices or bills generated off that schedule.


Invoice options

Button - Show History

Add Note

Click the Invoice Options or Bill Options button for a list of actions you can perform on invoices or bills that are Voided or Deleted.

Repeat Invoice or Bill

All invoices or bills that were not automatically generated as a repeating one (or have had their repeating schedule deleted) can be used as a template for a new repeating invoice or bill.

Copy (bill only)

A copy of a bill in any status will be created.

Other items you can select on a deleted or voided invoice or bill include:


Click on the Contact name (i.e. who the invoice or bill is to or from) to view the contact details and notes you have recorded for that person or organisation in Contacts.

History & Notes

Enter a note or view the history for this invoice or bill. (History & Notes).