Transfer money between your bank accounts in Xero

Here's how to record the details of a transfer that you've made between your bank accounts, or between a bank account and a credit card. Xero won't make the transfer for you, it will only record it. Once you've entered the transfer, both bank accounts will have a transaction recording the transfer details.

To transfer money between your bank accounts:

  1. Click the plus icon Image of the plus icon. (from most areas in Xero, except when working in fixed assets or payroll), and select Transfer Money.
  2. Select the account the money is coming from.
  3. Select the account the money is going to.
  4. (Optional) If you have set up tracking categories, click add tracking and select a category for the transfer.
  5. Choose the date of the transfer.
  6. Enter the amount.

    If you're transferring between bank accounts with different currencies, calculate the converted amount and enter it in the second amount field.

    Image showing the amount fields for foreign currency bank transfers in Xero.

  7. (Optional) Add a reference to provide further information about the transfer.
  8. Click Transfer, then select a transfer option.

You can also use the Transfer function to record payments from a bank account to a credit card account.

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